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 Tribes: Ascend

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PostSubject: Tribes: Ascend   Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:39 pm

Any Tribes players here? For people who don't know what Tribes is... its the game that was probably the biggest early influence in starting up e-sports and shoutcasting. Without tribes what we have no would not be the same. Tribes was also pretty much the only game where teamwork from a big amount of people actually mattered, 1 person could not carry a team it took all players to do there job to win. The main game mode for this game is CTF. 99% of people played CTF.

Long story short, you move at extremely fast speeds, you shoot ahead of where people will be (some shots you have to predict 3-5 seconds ahead of time), tribes 1+2+V have no hitscan (besides snipers) and are all projectile based so no point n click and teamwork is a must.

Tribes 1 + 2 are both regarded as the best teamwork oriented games for people who played it, I have yet to find a game that comes close. The skill level required is the biggest in any game I have played. There is no limit to how good one can become, whether its the art of moving fast, flag passing, defending, predicting perfectly timed shots, sniping people moving at high speeds, setting up the propper turrets/repairing, driving/flying or anything else.

So anyone here in the Tribes: Ascend beta? Anyone play Tribes 1/2? I wouldn't mind playing a game or two of this with people here.

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Tribes: Ascend
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