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 Random People: Teamspeak Code Of Conduct

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PostSubject: Random People: Teamspeak Code Of Conduct   Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:23 am

It’s clear there is an issue with these randos on TS, raging at members, inviting other randos, come and goes as they please, not talk to anyone but other rando buddies on TS or the person who invited them. I for one don’t have a problem with other members inviting their friends on TS, whether to chill or to play a game (might help DP grow right?).

There’s where the problem comes in. Some members invite they friends on TS and that rando does not conduct him/herself in an respectable manner :/, etc. I had a problem where an affiliate was playing LoL with 3 other randos and wasn’t having their best days at LoL. They took it upon themselves to rage and troll her. I then had to apologize to her and tell her that those guys are not Dead Pixel and this shouldn’t prevent her from coming on DP’s TS.

If members are to invite others on TS there’s some rules to follow:

-State who they are and who invited them. (failing to do so will result in a perma’ ban)

-Don’t pick a fight/rage at a member

-If a member asks you to leave the channel please do so

-As a rando, you DO NOT have permission to invite other randos on TS without the permission of an Admin

-If in the event the TS slot are full and a member wants to get on the/a rando is gone without question

-As a rando, please remember you do not have priority over other members

-DO NOT invite a rando if you know they're an ass. :/
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Random People: Teamspeak Code Of Conduct
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