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 master10245 application

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PostSubject: master10245 application   Sat May 12, 2012 11:41 pm

In-Game Name(s)- (master10245)

Nickname (what you prefer to be called)-( Top)

What is your Steam ID?(SmokeSumbitch)


Activity Level-( im mostly on during the week after 5 and on weekends most of the day

What time zone are you in, and what times do you usually get on?( im in central time zone)

Do you have mic/headset?(YES)

Out of the following games, which do you play? [Combat Arms] [Minecraft] [League of Legends]- (Combat Arms)

What other multiplayer games do you consistently play?- ( Need for speed world)

Would you be interested into getting into an MMO, such as Guild Wars 2?( nah )

What is the one game you play the most right now?-( i play nfsw and ca the most)

Why do you want to join Dead Pixel?
I wanna join because i heard that in this clan you can have fun and theres alot of friendly people on here also because im good person .good personally and friendly and think that dead pixel is the place i want to be in.
Were you referred to the clan? If so, by who?( Ant)
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PostSubject: Re: master10245 application   Sun May 13, 2012 2:42 am

Spoke to you on TS and you caught the tail-end of our meeting, welcome to DP!

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master10245 application
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