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 A Not So Lengthy Intro

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PostSubject: A Not So Lengthy Intro   A Not So Lengthy Intro I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 12, 2013 12:23 am

Hello. My handle on these forums and teamspeak happens to be Malicih (Mal- ih-kai... I'm not actually sure if those phonetics are right.) My ACTUAL name however is Nathan Meyer. No preference between Nate or Nathan but just a common question persons I see around often ask me.

Anyway, I'm a bland 19 year old who grew up in a pretty standard sub-urban setting with both parents working a nine to five and not seeing them too much as they were trying to solidify the kind of life they wanted for their children, Of which there are five of us now. Although they weren't around constantly I wouldn't trade my childhood nor any of my siblings for the world and I remain very family centered.

Moving on, I first got interested in gaming when I visited my Godparents in Maryland one Fourth of July weekend when I was about 10. Though we had a Sega Genesis, and I loved playing the few games we had on it, during this visit I was introduced to Mario 64, Smash Bros, and The Legend of Zelda:Majora's Mask. I don't know I have the words to describe the profound amazement I had in these games, particularly LoZ. I knew I wanted to know how exactly these games were made and if I could, contribute to making something like them one day. From there I continued playing new games on whatever console I could.

I eventually got into PC gaming a bit when my friend got me into MapleStory and then Combat Arms after the micro transactions started taking over. There I found Team Paragon which Dead Pixel eventually stemmed from. Unfortunately during the last few months of TP I had already dropped my activity significantly and moving into Dead Pixel it only got worse as this all happened as I was transitioning into college and figuring out what the heck I wanted to do.

In choosing a field, I had lost sight of my original goal while moving through my education. To my parents, game design didn't seem a practical job field. From my sophomore year to senior year of high school I took a few visual basic classes but didn't really learn much about programming in them and I had decided I was going to go to college to physics. However after my first choice in colleges messed up my financial (and after seeing the insane labs for a physics degree), I decided to attend my second choice for Comp Sci and don't regret it a bit. I'm now in my sophomore year and always look forward to whatever classes I'm taking.

Nowadays I spend obscene amounts of time on school work, my friends, various organizations I foolishly joined, and anime (which ate my soul this past semester.) I love to read in my free time and game if I have an ample window of time to actually sit down and do so. My favorite animal is a fox and my favorite color is purple.

Down the road I'm looking forward to whatever opportunities I can pick up and any lessons they teach me.
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A Not So Lengthy Intro
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